Wedding MC Sydney, Master of Ceremonies For Weddings

Looking for a wedding MC in Sydney? Then I am the right person for you. With years of experience in public speaking working as a celebrant and master of ceremonies, I can assure you the most fun, vibrant and energetic wedding reception you’ll ever experience. In the role of MC, I can assist you in planning the program and hosting the event. If you wish, I can coordinate communication between you, the venue and your guests or attendees. Hire me today as your wedding MC.

Master of Ceremonies That You Need

When organizing a large event (a wedding reception, charity gala, corporate symposium, or fundraising event), one of the best moves you can make is to hire a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to make sure your event runs smoothly. The MC is responsible for the atmosphere and the overall smooth running of your wedding reception  

My key role will be to ensure that the program runs seamlessly and stays on plan with the right order of events. I’ll ensure that the meal and speeches are on time, and judge when flexibility is needed. I’ll also confirm in advance the correct pronunciation of names I will need to announce.

When choosing an MC, consider the “vibe” you want for the event. Some events are high energy and non-stop fun while others take a more serious approach.  I’d place myself somewhere in the centre.  I have a crazy sense of humour and I love to have fun, but I also have years of experience making serious presentations to adult audiences. I can easily adapt to different environments and situations. When appropriate, I will inject warmth and humour into the program.

If you are planning a wedding reception in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley or Sydney, you may be interested to know that in addition to being able to MC your reception, I am a civil marriage celebrant, so I can conduct your wedding ceremony and assist you with the legal documentation.

Contact me to discuss the MC needs for your event. If we feel it’s a good fit, then I’ll take notes about your program and how you want the event to run. We’ll have some communication back and forth in the lead-up to the event, but I like to make sure that arrangements are all in place two weeks prior to the event so we can then look forward to it knowing that everything is in order. 

I look forward to helping you run a successful event or celebration!


Why Hire Me As Your Wedding MC?

You may think that asking a friend or family member to host the wedding event is enough but hiring me as your MC will help take your ceremony to the next level. The main 3 reasons to hire me are as follows:

Professional Presenter

Many people have a fear of public speaking and don’t know how to project their voice confidently. With my experience and expertise, I can help deliver the speech and organize the wedding event in a confident and energetic manner, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. 

Always Stay On The Top Of Things

No one wants to listen to the traditional boring speeches. That’s why you need a person like me who has a lot of sense of humour and creativity to ensure that the ceremony is always full of joy. Moreover, The MC role can be quite nerve-wracking as you need to be on top of things all through the program. For these reasons, you are much better off hiring someone who can stick to the script 

Manage All The Hassle

Wedding MC may look like an easy job to do but there are actually lots of hassle and moving parts an MC needs to take care of. Besides preparing engaging speech as a host, You need to organize for PA system, music, speakers. You will also have to facilitate your reception itinerary, coordinate with the wedding vendors and entertainment, etc. So there’s a lot of work to do, and this is how I can help you with.

Master Of Ceremony Cost

When it comes to the MC cost, I charge on an hourly basis, at $180 per hour. Give me a quick call today at 0411398395 or email me at to discuss the details.

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