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Looking for a marriage celebrant in Chatswood, NSW? Then I am the Best Man for you. I am a professional marriage celebrant in NSW who has conducted 100s of ceremonies to date with years of public speaking experience behind me, officiating in all types of wedding ceremonies. I am the most fun,  warm, and easy-going wedding celebrant you will ever find. Hire me today to be the celebrant you’re looking for to ensure your ceremony is a success.

Celebrant That You Need

Are you looking for a civil marriage celebrant to officiate your wedding in Chatswood? No need to look any further. I am a civil marriage celebrant with many years of experience assisting couples in uniting their lives in marriage.

No two weddings are alike. I am very flexible and have adapted to many different ways to celebrate marriage. I encourage you and your partner to think about what would make your wedding ceremony memorable for you: the choice of music, special readings or poems, a meaningful ritual, participation of friends or family, and so on. Let me know and I’ll help you make it happen.

Many couples choose spots such as Mantra Chatswood, which offers complimentary accommodation for the couple after their reception, or what some consider Chatswood’s best-kept secret: Level One function centre in the heart of the business district, just one minute from the train station. For a more relaxed atmosphere, there is historic Laurelbank Willoughby with its gorgeous indoor and outdoor settings amidst magnolias and camelias. There is also another popular wedding venue and that is Blues Point Reserve in North Sydney.

Once you have settled on a date and a location, let’s meet up to discuss the kind of ceremony you would like.  I like to take some time to get to know both of you so that I can personalise the wedding to your styles and interests.

Taking The Plunge

Chatswood is a special place to arrange your wedding. I’m ready to travel along with you to wherever you want to get married at. When you hire me, you can share your requirements and needs and we will work together to make it happen. However you want your marriage to be, I will help officiate it for you.

Give me a quick call today on 0411398395 or email me at

What is Included

Here are some of the things included in my marriage celebrant service:

  • All legal documentation from start to finish and a copy of the marriage certificate
  • Frequent communication by phone and email for any question, issues, changes and updates
  • Assistance with your personal vows and onsite rehearsal
  • Provide a PA System, microphone and music of your choice during the ceremony
  • Table and cover provided for the signing of Marriage Certificates
  • Personalised script of your wedding ceremony

What is the process?

I like to keep wedding ceremonies fairly light because they are happy occasions: you are with the person you love, declaring your commitment to each other, and your family and friends are there sharing in your joy.

  • At our meeting, we will deal with some legal paperwork. Together, we’ll complete the Notice of Intended Marriage which I am obligated to submit one month before your wedding date. We’ll also complete the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage.

  • We plan your ceremony together. Do you have some favourite readings or music that you want to incorporate into the ceremony? Is there a ritual you’d find meaningful? These can range from lighting a candle to pouring two containers with coloured grains of sand representing your two families into one heart-shaped container. I am very open to your suggestions. If you need some inspiration, I have plenty of examples of music, readings, rituals and vows.

  • On your wedding day, we’ll meet at the location you’ve reserved. I will check the set-up of any equipment to make sure it will work as planned. Once the ceremony begins, I encourage you to immerse yourselves in the love and joy surrounding you. I will guide you through the ceremony, including everything in our plan, and the legal requirements. I’m an organized kind of guy, so it’s easy for me to keep focused on what we need to cover while you and your partner float through the day, making memories for your lifetime. At the end of the ceremony, I’ll present you with your marriage certificate.

  • We’ll confirm that the paperwork has been submitted for a change of name and to register your marriage. Once we’ve done that, we’ll be assured that everything is order and you’ll be on a solid foundation to launch into your married life.

Why Hire Me?

Hiring me as your wedding celebrant will help making sure that everything goes as planned without you ever worrying about getting things right. Getting married requires a lot of moving parts and being one of the most experienced marriage celebrants in Central Coast and NSW, I can assure you the most fun, loving, warm and relaxed marriage ceremony you can ever dreamed of. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Generally, the cost of a basic wedding ranges between $450-$500 and can go all the way up to $500-$750 for a large wedding. For all the features and separate fees that come with the service such as legal documentation, official marriage certificate, commemorative certificate, etc. Feel free to visit my pricing page for more information.

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