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Looking for a marriage celebrant in Lake Macquarie, NSW? Then I am the Best Man for you. I am a professional marriage celebrant in NSW who has conducted 100s of ceremonies to date with years of public speaking experience behind me, officiating in all types of wedding ceremonies. I am the most fun,  warm, and easy-going wedding celebrant you will ever find. Hire me today to be the celebrant you’re looking for, to ensure your ceremony is a success.

Celebrant That You Need

You’re getting married! Congratulations!!

Lake Macquarie, NSW, is a perfect place for lovers to get married and arrange for the ceremony.

There are numerous locations and venues around the Lake Macquarie area to a super-romantic atmosphere. Club Macquarie in Argenton, NSW, or the elegant Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Belmont, NSW, with its great views and food. Or perhaps your style leans more towards the very pretty Peonies Boutique with its floral design studios for your memorable wedding ceremony.  Wherever the location you choose, I can give you tips on how to book the venue and optimize your experience there.

Once you have the date and location nailed down, then you can start to think about details such as how many will attend and who will officiate.

If you are opting for a civil marriage, then I can help you in my role as a marriage celebrant. I can draw on my years of experience conducting weddings to guide you smoothly through preparing for your wedding celebration and ensuring everything rolls smoothly on the day of your marriage. 

Give me a quick call today at 0411398395 or email me at and let’s see how I can help make your day special.

Let's Make Your Wedding Special

Getting married is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you would want it to be everlasting in the memories. That’s why everything has to come out just perfect, just like you and your couple have dreamed of.

As a celebrant, it’s my duty to make your wedding special. I can help personalise and tailor the ceremony to your need. Whatever requirements you need, I can make that happen. Wherever you want to get married at, I can travel along with you. I will also give my recommendations based on my experience and expertise.

What I include In My Marriage Service

Here are some of the things included in my marriage celebrant service:

  • All legal documentation from start to finish and a copy of the marriage certificate
  • Frequent communication by phone and email for any question, issues, changes and updates
  • Assistance with your personal vows and onsite rehearsal
  • Provide a PA System, microphone and music of your choice during the ceremony
  • Table and cover provided for the signing of Marriage Certificates
  • Personalised script of your wedding ceremony
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What is the process?

When it comes to the process, I like to keep it simple and straightforward. There will be some legal requirements and ceremony preparations that we need to plan accordingly. But don’t worry, I will help guide you through the entire process with ease.

  • At first, we will meet to get acquainted and to see if I am going to be a good fit for you. If we get the green light, then we can fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage with your legal information (ID, dates and locations of your births), and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage.
    Note that the Notice must be submitted one month prior to your wedding date.

  • We then plan your nuptial ceremony. Do you have specific ideas about the readings and music you would like? Do you plan to write your own vows? Do you need some ideas about what to include in your ceremony? I certainly welcome your input but if you’re stuck for ideas, I have an extensive collection of readings, music and vows that have brought pleasure to other couples.

    I have some specific legal wording that I need to include in the ceremony, but apart from that, you have a lot of freedom to make the ceremony unique to your desires. What’s important is that the day be absolutely amazing for you, relaxed, enjoyable and bubbling over with love.

    My role comes to the fore during the ceremony. While the two of you declare your passionate commitment to each other through every part of the ceremony, I keep it organized and on track, including everything we planned, and the legal requirements. At the end of the ceremony, I will present you with your marriage certificate.

  • I’ll confirm that all the paperwork has been submitted, e.g. for change of name and registering your marriage. Once we clear that, you can securely settle into married life, knowing that everything is in place.

Why Hire Me?

 In order for the wedding to be special and perfect there will be many moving parts that need to be taken care of,. This is where I can help you. Hiring me as your celebrant will help ease out the entire process. I would like to keep everything simple, fun, and relaxed. With my experience and expertise, I know exactly how to make the ceremony special and truly unique to you

How Much Does It Cost to get married?

Generally, the cost of a basic wedding ranges between $350-$450 and can go all the way up to $450-$650 for a large wedding. For all the features and separate fees that come with the service such as legal documentation, official marriage certificate, commemorative certificate, etc. Feel free to visit my pricing page for more information.

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