The 6 Most Popular Wedding Venues In Sydney

Wedding Venues In Sydney

Sydney is home to dozens of wedding venues, and many more have been added over the past few years. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique experience that’s perhaps more organic there are just a handful of venues that fit the bill in our experience. Below is our selection of venues in the city you might want to check out.

Sydney Opera House


It is the country’s most iconic landmark, and while it hosts several dozen weddings each year, it offers a spectacular experience. Reception and ceremony include Yallamundi Rooms, concert hall foyers, and Jørn Utzon designed Utzon Room.


The reception and ceremony areas have large, light-filled spaces with many glass windows. They offer dramatic views of the beautiful Sydney Harbour, making for some of the best wedding backdrops.


Luna Park Sydney


It is another iconic wedding destination, with views of the nearby Harbour front and the Opera House right across. The park boasts six reception venues and two very impressively laid-out waterfront ballrooms with views of the city.


Perhaps one of the best things about getting married in Luna Park is that you have the opportunity for wedding photos within the complex. Your experience can include a few rides on the giant Ferris Wheel and fun times with the bride on those whimsical bumper cars.


Estate Vaucluse House


Located within Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the Estate Vaucluse House is the grandest mansion in the city, dating back to the 1920s. It is surrounded by beautiful 10 hectares of Victorian-style gardens, offering an excellent backdrop for an outdoor wedding and lots of beautiful pictures.


The Estate Vaucluses House is an excellent venue for couples that enjoy old-world grandeur and would like to get a taste of it as part of their wedding celebrations.


The Boathouse Palm Beach, Sydney


If you want a waterfront wedding venue, it does not get any better than The Boathouse Palm Beach, located on the city’s northern beaches. Your wedding can be hosted on a large deck offering a picturesque view and photo ops across the water, making it the ideal spot for a wedding.


The Boathouse Palm Beach has both casual seating areas, a dance floor, and affordable reception packages. Though weekends are more expensive than weekdays, you still get more bang for your buck at the venue.


Lakeside Lawn At Australian Botanic Gardens, Sydney


The Australian Botanical Gardens is an excellent choice if you want a peaceful venue for a large wedding, maybe around 400 guests. The beautiful, large garden offers a waterfront setting dotted with large gumtrees. The trees are well taken care of, which means they offer shade and look good in photos. It is an excellent choice for outdoor summer ceremonies, with a large seating area for guests.


Jonah’s Whale Beach Northern Beaches, Sydney


Located on the Northern Beaches of the city, Jonah’s Whale Beach offers excellent views of a cliff-top location, making it the perfect garden wedding. The garden can be hired, along with a reception package and catering for a small wedding ceremony, usually around 50 guests.


Wedding photos and pre-reception drinks can be arranged in the cliff-top gardens, where you get an expansive ocean view. It is the perfect setting that offers the best of an intimate garden wedding, along with beautiful ocean views.