How Much Does A Marriage Celebrant Cost In Sydney?

People asking this question are often unaware that hiring a marriage celebrant is unlike hiring someone to do your laundry or maybe replace a broken taillight. While all marriage celebrants are tasked with the same job, it is like hiring an artist. Every marriage celebrant tends to bring a different aura or, should we say, spirit to the celebration. So, instead of trying to find out how much a marriage celebration will cost in Sydney, the first step is to find the right one for your marriage.

While we will talk about pricing later in this article, it’s essential to establish that there is a lot more that goes into hiring a marriage celebrant.

Why Are Some Marriage Celebrants In Sydney So Expensive?

Simply put, a marriage celebrant is the sum of their experience, knowledge, and how much people love them. In some ways, they are celebrities. While we advise that you get a few quotes when in the market for a celebrant, picking the cheapest one though appealing isn’t the best approach.

The goal, as mentioned earlier, should be to choose a marriage celebrant that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Think of the celebrant you’re about to hire as someone you feel happy standing next to.

Sure, it is a 20-minute ceremony, but you want it to be the best time of your life. Marriage celebrants will often invest the time needed to get to know the couple and build a genuine connection.

Some of the best celebrants will spend several hours working on every couple’s ceremony, then add meetings, travel time, document prep, etc., and you’ll start to see there is a lot more to it. As a couple, you’re receiving a culmination of skills, effort, ideas, experience, and energy that experienced celebrants have spent years gathering.

What Can You Expect To Pay In Sydney?

In Sydney, the cost of hiring a celebrant will vary, mainly because every celebrant tends to set their own rates based on the value, they feel the couple is getting from them. On average, you can pay anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Some charge even more, especially if they have married off celebrities.

I am much more affordable, as I charge anywhere from $300 to $650 depending on the size. Please check my pricing page for full details.

If the marriage venue is outside of Sydney, the celebrant will charge a travel fee. The travel fee can be negotiated, but for some, it is a fixed fee.

Some marriage celebrants also offer a legals-only wedding ceremony, which is often cheaper and pretty much meets the bare minimum to get you legally married.

Final Word

Like every decision in life, hiring a marriage celebrant is something you should carefully consider and, along with it, your budget. Don’t assume that you just want to hire someone to marry you in an intimate setting; instead, this is an opportunity to experience your wedding as it should be. It is a time to celebrate your love, engage with family and friends, these are moments you will cherish for life, so you’d want to hire someone who can set the right tone.