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Looking for a marriage celebrant in Penrith, NSW? Then I am the Best Man for you. I am a professional marriage celebrant in NSW who has conducted 100s of ceremonies to date with years of public speaking experience behind me, officiating in all types of wedding ceremonies. I am the most fun,  warm, and easy-going wedding celebrant you will ever find. Hire me today to be the celebrant you’re looking for, to ensure your ceremony is a success.

Marriage Celebrant PENRITH

If you’ve decided to get married at Penrith, then you have chosen the right choice. Penrith has an abundance of romantic spots with its lakes, river and mountains. Now that you have decided to marry your beloved, you have no doubt discovered that the decision to marry leads to many other decisions: where, when, how? And who will marry you?

I’m a civil marriage celebrant with many years of experience, helping more than 100s of couples tying their knot. With the experience and expertise under my belt, I am well-prepared to work with you, personalising your wedding to your desires. As a celebrant, I can easily guide you through all the legal requirements and assist you in preparing a unique ceremony that resonates with your personalities and styles.

When it comes to the wedding location, Penrith has many lovely venues to consider. Some of the best places are

  • Historic Castlereagh Hall with its spectacular mountain views
  • Tranquil and elegant Penrith Golf Club which offers gorgeous panoramic views over the fairways
  • Romantic Lakeside Restaurant

Wherever you and your couples want to get married at, I’m ready to travel along with you. I’m familiar with most wedding venues in Penrith like the Castlereagh Conference Centre, and can give you tips on how to make the most of the location you choose.  I also have innumerable suggestions for ceremony formats if you are looking for some inspiration.

Let Me Guide You Through Your Wedding

Getting married can sometimes be difficult as you have to go through different phase of planning. Then there are legal paperwork that need to be taken care of. As a celebrant, I will help guide you through these steps with ease.

As one of the most sought-after marriage celebrant in NSW, I can assure you that you wedding experience will be full of fun and joy. Whatever your requirements are, I’m ready to fulfil them for you. I will help customise the experience to be truly tailored to your needs. Get in touch today and let’s see how I can help you.

What I include In My Marriage Service

Here are some of the things included in my marriage celebrant service:

  • All legal documentation from start to finish and copy of marriage certificate
  • Frequent communication by phone and email for any question, issues, changes and updates
  • Assistance with your personal vows and onsite rehearsal
  • Provide PA System, microphone and music of your choice during ceremony
  • Table and cover provided for the signing of Marriage Certificates
  • Personalised script of your wedding ceremony

Give me a quick call today at 0411398395 or email me at

What is the process?

As of any other marriages, getting married in Penrith requires you to complete the legal documentation and plan for the ceremony.

Typically, when I work with couples, I like to meet with the both of you.

  • In our meeting, we need to complete the paperwork and equally importantly, I want to get to know you so that I can attune the celebration to the two of you.
    Also, you can check whether I seem to be the right fit for you.

    We discuss your wishes for the celebration: your choice of music, meaningful readings, your vows, and any rituals you may want to include. At the end of this meeting, we’ll have a very good idea of what your ceremony will be like. I’ll take my notes and write a script for the ceremony and confirm with you that everything is perfect.

  • On the day of your wedding, I will make sure everything is set up as needed, including the PA system and the wedding register. I will do everything I can to make sure that the day is as stress-free as possible for you while keeping the ceremony organized and on schedule.

    Weddings I officiate are relaxed, joyful events where the couple feels embraced by the love and support of those in attendance. My goal is for you to enjoy the day fully, confident that I’ll look after all the details.

  • I make sure that all the paperwork has been looked after (for name changes and registering the wedding) so that you can confidently jump into your wedded life.

Why Hire Me?

Preparing and coming up with the right wedding plan requires some level of expertise and experience. As a professional celebrant, I can help take care of all these, while you and your couple enjoy the moment. I will help make your wedding experience truly unique and personalised just for you and your couple. 

How Much Does It Cost to get married?

Generally, the cost of a basic wedding ranges between $300-$400 and can go all the way up to $450-$650 for a large wedding. For all the features and separate fees that come with the service such as legal documentation, official marriage certificate, commemorative certificate, etc. Feel free to visit my pricing page for more information.

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